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Pretty Little Liars – Season 4, Episode 3

June 26, 2013 Leave a comment

NOTE: I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to add a note, but I should note (see what I did there?) that in order to fully enjoy this blog post, it helps if you have seen this particular episode.

Either I have no life, or this is a major accomplishment – having the will to “review” two straight Pretty Little Liars episodes.

Dude, Aria just made a connect four. She’d probably be the black pieces. I’m liking Spencer’s hair. She looks all innocent, so some sort of shit-storm is going to happen to her during this hour. MARK MY WORDS.

This baker invited Aria’s mom to Austria to sit next to a castle and eat celery. At least I’m pretty sure that’s what he said. I was laughing too hard to try and really figure it out, so we’re going with that.

“They offered me an internship. Might be San Francisco. Might be London.” Wasn’t this a Hilary Duff song?


Hey it’s Spencer!!! (from iCarly).

Pauley Pavilion

Okay, it’s really this guy:

BUT, COME ON... It's the SAME guy!

BUT, COME ON… It’s the SAME guy!


Jake is an idiot.

Never ever in the history of ever have two people sat next to a fresh bowl of popcorn for three minutes and only eat one piece.

The painters must have also painted Hanna’s outfit because her skirt or whatever that was matched the office’s walls.

Commercial break.

Me: *sneeze* *sneeze*
Me: Bless me.
Katie: Bless you.

“An all new Baby Daddy after an all new Melissa and Joey!” That’s one of the worst things I’ve ever heard.

Lemme just waltz on in to the police department and not get noticed, even though I’m the only colorful thing in the entire building.

So what’s more implausible: Ezra, the man-child high school teacher or this man-child detective? Rosewood, Pennsylvania’s older person is probably Hanna’s mom, who is probably 44, not that it was researched or anything.

Second commercial break.

Anyone else wonder how long Caleb was chilling out in the parking lot waiting for Mr. Marin? Hey this guy is a poor-man’s James Spader.

Two weeks in a row Emily is talking about steroids. Cover it up with “prescription meds” all you want, we know the truth.

Are they saying that mask looks like Alison? Because. It doesn’t.

The entire Hanna-Hanna’s mom scene was completely ruined by Hanna’s shirt, which just said “Meow” on it.

Hanna tried winning connect 4, but only got to two. Aria is having none of this shit.

Seriously, all of these scenes are not working with the “Meow” shirt.

Pretty Little Liars just turned into a creepy porn. “I like when people call first. That’s what it says in the ad.” This dude is about to get some serious action.

This guy is just asking for a blow job.

Emily: What do you want?
Creepy guy: Your face

Hey. How is Emily breathing?

How long do you think Mr. Marin was stalking Caleb? The roles have been reversed!

Third commercial break.

“From executive producer Jennifer Lopez.” I stopped after that.

Here is Emily’s mom’s one scene per episode.

Quote of the day: “Passion is not supposed to be easy, it’s supposed to be passionate.”

This show is so boring. All they do is look scared and stare at masks.

Oh my god I thought “Spence” was going to make out with that mask. I mean since we didn’t get any Emily-Moze action, it’s the least this show could have done for me. And speaking of Spencer, she found her half-sister’s mask, which is kind of crazy. So…

I kinda called it.